The second episode has arrived! You can listen to the whole thing above. If however you’re a bit impatient or got lost somewhere, I’ve included the timings and some extra little tidbits for you below.

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00:00 – Introduction

Bit of international banter and an introduction to the show.

02:15 – Cooking with Denise

Jewish chef Denise Philips talks to us about the perfect Challah to coincide with Shabbat UK. She also does lessons! Book yours here –

09:03 – Talmud for Schmeryls

I’m joined by Clive Lawton who’s talking us about Ben Azzai (I had no idea who he was either).

17:18 – What Israeli Going On?

TLV1’s Gilad Halpern updates us on the upcoming Israeli elections. Listen to Gilad’s own podcast: The Tel Aviv Review, here –

32:44 – JQ Wingate Literary Prize

I went to the JQ Wingate Literary Prize at JW3. Listen to hear the winner and a little bit of analysis.

35:06 – Ask Julia

Julia Gazgag answers what to do when your Mother and Mother in Law both want to come on holiday with the family.

38:13 – Bagel Broigus

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl, Ben Crowne and Clive Lawton discuss whether the Jewish community should air it’s dirty linen in public.

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