Episode 3 is the Pesach Special! You can listen to the whole thing above. If you want to listen to a particular segment you can also do that below.

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00:00 – Introduction Join Hayden as he introduces everything (and definitely doesn’t mention bagels)

02:10 – What Israeli Going On? Gilad Halpern provides the final bit of election analysis (at least until the next one)

09:56 – Talmud for Schmeryls Rabbi Harvey Belovski explains why the Talmud wants us to lean.

14:57 – Cooking with Denise Denise Philips shares her Pesach tips.

19:38 – GIFT Jewish Food Bank  I visited Jewish food bank GIFT and spoke with their founder Michelle Barnett

24:12 – Matza Brei-gus I discover a new piece of Passover mishnah and am then joined for the Matza Breigus by by Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers from Reform UK, Sephardi Rabbi Jeff Berger and United Synagogue Member Amanda Bookatz.

This episode’s image is of GIFT Headquarters in Hendon with additional music supplied by Incompetech.

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