This episode is mildly NSFW.

Introduction: 00:00

Talmud for Schmeryls’: 01:00
We talk purity with Rabbi Debbie Young Somers who provides a Talmudic approach to Niddah (ritual purity)

Mikvah Project: 07:55
Miriam Lorie chats to us about the Mikvah Project.

Jewish Museum: 18:20
I also went to the Jewish Museum to talk with Jemima Jarman about British Jews. It felt a little bit ‘Yey, Jews!’ but I suppose in our current climate, a bit of positivity isn’t such a bad thing.

Miri & Jon Brunch Part 2: 23:33
We also have Part 2 of the Build a Brunch series with Miri and Jon where we make summer latkes (definitely not potato waffles!)

Bagel Broigus: 28:09
To round it out, the Bagel Broigus is about the Jewish response to the climate crisis with pragmatic solutions featuring Lara Balsam from JVS, Andree Frieze from Eco Synagogue and Michael Lomotey from Extinction Rebellion Jews. 

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