For the final episode of Season 2 I got into the spirit of the Festival of Lights. Susan Polgar, the first female chess grandmaster and real-life Beth Harmon of Netflix’s latest hit The Queen’s Gambit, chats about overcoming sexism in the chess world as well as her Jewish Hungarian heritage. Gilad Halpern returns to talk through the recent news of the Morocco-Israel peace deal and the split in Israel’s right-wing political party Likud. Rabbi Margaret Jacobi of Birmingham Progressive Synagogue shares Chanukah themed Talmud, renowned Jewish chef Denise Phillips takes us through her tips for latkes and oil, and the Bagel Broigus is renamed the Doughnut Debate as Lindsey Taylor Guthartz, Samuel Lebens and Clive Lawton discuss whether Chanukah should be remembered or celebrated.

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